Lori Fudens | Redken Artist + Educator

25+ Years Experience as a Stylist, Trainer, and Salon Owner



  • Toni & Guy in London

  • L’Oréal Academy in London

  • The Redken Exchange in NYC

  • L’Oréal Academy in NYC

  • Cardone University

  • 10X Stages


  • Co-Owner of Sharmaine’s Salon and Day Spa, a 2019 Salon Today Magazine Top 200 recognized salon

  • Redken Certified Haircolorist and Design stylist

  • Tearsheets artist certification specializing in editorial, magazine, and photography specialist 

  • 2018 + 2019 New York Fashion week stylist representing Tearsheets and Redken

  • Advanced training at the Redken Exchange in NYC

“This was a really a fantastic class! I really enjoyed it and you. You were so relatable and super friendly! Thanks again. I definitely will be taking more classes with you!”

Rachael at Salon Lofts

Lori Fudens has the experience and knowledge for a truly customized education experience for your team.  A rare combination of an exceptionally skilled hair color specialist, a business-education expert and customer-experience ace, Redken Artist Lori Fudens puts the energetic, interactive fun back in learning. 


“I get such a kick out of bringing a group of hairdressers full circle, from doubting their skills or feeling overwhelmed, to becoming confident and excited to try new things,” she says. “For me, making any class learner-focused and enjoyable means there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and that mastering business-building skills are never boring. Achieving your full potential should be esteem-building and exhilarating!”


The co-owner of a Redken Elite Salon, Sharmaine’s Salon & Day Spa in Clearwater Beach, FL, Lori is also a Redken Certified Haircolorist and Design stylist who has been involved with the brand for 25+ years. She has trained with top-tier talent at the Redken Exchange in NYC and the L’Oreal Academy in London and even shadowed the lead colorist at an exclusive NYC salon to learn all the secrets that you can only master off-line and face-to-face. 


Lori has played at every level in the industry—including renter, stylist, color correction specialist, salon education director, salon owner and mentor—which makes her uniquely qualified to relate to her audience. Whether she’s sharing technical expertise, the newest trends, artistic ideas, time savers, team builders, best business practices or easy ways you can make more money, there’s nothing she hasn’t tested and proven with her staff or behind the chair with her clients.


Before facilitating in a salon or helping stylists discover the excitement behind new product launches, Lori always explores your needs first, so that the experience is tailored for you. Whatever your level of career growth or salon development, you’ll know you’re in a supportive, information-packed, stimulating learning space when Lori is in the room. To book a program for yourself or your salon staff please contact a rep with Salon Centric.