Lori Fudens, Hair Designer to the Stars, Offers Tips for Women Suffering from Menopausal Symptoms

Updated: May 3, 2019

On any given day, Lori Fudens can be found at Sharmaine's Salon and Day Spa, giving beauty tips to all of her guests or anyone who walks in and asks her for help.

Thinning hair is one of the main complaints she hears as 4000 women a day hit menopause according to the National Society Menopause Society. And her female guests are not the only ones complaining about thinning hair. Her male guests are asking for help with this problem as well.

In addition to hairstyles that make one appear to have more hair, Lori Fudens personalizes her recommendations and provides each guest advice on the best shampoo for them to use. She also advises her guests with thinning hair to shampoo daily to keep toxins off the scalp and to keep the follicle clear of any residue to help the hair grow.

"My drain cover in the shower used to be full of hair every time I shampooed my hair. I was afraid to shampoo because I thought I would just lose more hair. Thanks to Lori and her advice, that's stopped and my hair is feeling and looking fuller on top." says guest Ann Ranch. She always makes me feel as special as the celebrity photos on her walls.

Lori makes it a practice to offer 15 minutes of free consultation and beauty tips to anyone who asking for help.

Lori Fudens creates a fun warm atmosphere at Sharmaine's with her partner Sharmaine Giorgio. The spa has been uniquely designed for today's busy guest who wants maximum comfort, service and amenities. Guests can design their own spa packages and receive multiple services at the same time, such as a manicure, pedicure and hair color, or a facial, manicure, and pedicure.

Lori and Sharmaine's dedication to excellence in service and exceeding their guests' expectations keeps them on the cutting-edge of the latest technique and services. Lori not only offer her free beauty tips, but the salon also offers the latest in spa services, as well as Japanese hair straightening, hair extensions, hair color correction and much more.

In need some beauty tips for problem areas? Call Lori Fudens at (727) 447-2025 or visit Sharmaine's at 483 Mandalay Ave, Ste. 206, Clearwater Beach, FL, where it's all about you, and everyone is treated like a celebrity.

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